Monday, April 25, 2011


Among the group of writers I frequently surround myself with, I'm somewhat of a (self-proclaimed) micro-fiction workhorse. Now, enough self-lauding for the time being.

Thanks to a brilliant little program, I've finally found a regular source of income that uses my micro-fiction skills.

Philip and Aaron Hall (Hall Brothers Entertainment) have an absolutely fabulous little (huge) project called "Two Sentence Stories." Now, I promise that there's no secret code there. Every day they put up a new two-sentence story for the enjoyment of the billions with internet access all over the world. They also pay 25 cents per accepted story. It doesn't seem like a lot, but think about it this way. It only takes about 1 minute to write a two sentence story (normally less than that, even). That works out to 15 dollars an hour, or somewhere right around there with the stories that don't get taken. For an author, that's a fabulous wage. Heck, half of that would be a pretty danged good wage for a writer.

If you're interested in my work at all (I'm hoping that people reading my blog are), my stories will start to pop up in May.

Also, if you write, it can't hurt to throw one (or two) (or ten) (or fifty) two sentence stories over at the Hall Bros. The worst they can say is no and, if they do, that's just one minute of your life.

NOTE: This might be a secret (though I doubt it), I'll tell you any how. The Hall Bros. like it when you throw a bunch of stories their way instead of just one or two. Build up twenty or more and then send them that file - you'll get a better rapport with them that way.

Peace out, y'all,

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