Sunday, May 8, 2011

The First Week - Week of Fire

Aloha! Well, it's been, I think, a week since my last post to this blog. For those that don't know (not that any of my followers read this bloody thing), I'm taking on the crafting of a third novel. Why the week of fire? Because week one lights a fire under your *ss, therefore there is no better title. Okay, there may be a better title, but let's all pretend there isn't, just for today.

I can't say I hvae a lot to report on the wririntg. It's coming along at a fair pace. I might be able to pump out another thousand or two tonight, so that looks pretty okay.

Aside from it, but still related - got to work past evil and deadly emotions one day (I'll probably put up a post about something like that at some later date), went to Fracnes Pauli's book signing for her first ever print book, "A Moth in Darkness." on Saturday, and found out a lovely bit of information about Tor Publishing (one of the single most famous New York publishing houses in the business, at least for speculative fiction).

Are you ready?

They take unsolicited manuscripts! No agent, just your work mailed direct to them and, 4-6 months later, a response! Weeeeeee!

Apart from all of that...nothing?

I wish I could spend some more time with y'all, but alas, I can't, so I bid you adieu,

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