Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bedroom Smells Like Formula 409...It's a Good Thing

You've probably all heard it--the squeaky wheel wants to be greased. The rpoblem is, sometimes those wheels don't so much squeak as screech, whine, and b*tch until you pay attention to them. On that note, I'm back to editing. I had this fabulous little dream world for a while where I would be able to edit this to this point, write the end of this, edit some more of the first project, write this here short, and finish editing the first one by the end of June.

I crack myself up with that kind of humor, don't you?

Then I finally get going on editing full tilt, crafting brand new chapters to replace crap that still remains on the third draft (that says a lot about how I edit, but we may talk about that later...or I may just conveniently forget to talk about it...) and disaster strikes in too many different forms. I get people asking me to write this snippet of erotica for them...and I am very tempted to do so...along with a whole collection of erotica.

Today I watched "Hoarders" and, as always, I started to get antsy and wanting to clean all over again. I might mention now that I have a brand new bag of second-hand stuff to add to my other four bags I haven't taken in yet, a new organizing system for my drawers, a DVD of "The Covenant" I forgot I had, three sandals, a shoe polishing kit, and a clean(er) nightstand. I did, however, get a quarter of a sentence written, so it's not a complete writing loss.

You know, sometimes you just have to throw down your pen, stuff your writing fairies back in their cage, chloroform your muse, and do something else.

Now, let's get back to el work-o...or not...we'll see what happens.

High on 409,

P.S. - Signals From the Void came out on should all buy it...

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