Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tartaros Winner!

Huzzah! At the end of our intrepid, demoniac blog tour, are we all not victors? I say so. However, only one person will walk away with a free copy of Tartaros. Who is this person? All in due time.

First, I'd like to thank the most audacious kings and queens that allowed me to take short respite in their countries to natter on about my book: Frances Pauli, M. Pax, B.B. Hartwich, Adriane Ceallaigh, Jaleta Clegg, and S. Evan Towsend. My greatest thanks to you.

I'd also like to remind everyone that, in very short order, Tartaros will be available in print. How will you know when? Well, there might be a news story about author Voss Foster having a heart attack. But, in the event that I do survive the experience, I'll be talking about it.


Now, without further stalling:

Ladies and subspecies! The winner of the free copy of Tartaros is...

(Women, if you could scream and faint like you just saw Conrad Birdie, that would rock. Men: faint like Salma Hayek just asked you back to her hotel suite)

...Alex J. Cavanaugh!

Your copy is on its way as soon as I finish this post.

Which is now.


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