Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So, I should warn right now that this has nothing to do with writing, my books, or anyone else's book, really. But I think it's interesting and, as anyone can tell you, things I like often end up in my books, so who knows?

Now, on with the show.

I love cryptids. I like the whole idea of something that we haven't found, even with all of our fancy technology. Yep. I'm one of those crazies going around, talking about bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and Mothman. I watch all those shows that go around chattering about them, trying to find them.

Which brings me to my cryptid theory, the theory to why we have such a hard time getting 'official' evidence. It's all based around something we actually know about animals: they are sensitive. They can pick up on coming changes in the weather, can tell if someone has bad intentions, and, most importantly for this theory, are sensitive to magnetism.

Now, when you put together an expedition to find one of these cryptids, there's always a pile of technology to record things with. But here's the thing: all those lovely devices release electromagnetism. Now, just stick with me on this. Say that cryptids haven't been found because they developed a very high sensitivity to electromagnetic energy. When people then go to find them, they're screwed from the get-go because all their equipment is just a giant beacon. It also explains why you have the Mothman chasing after cars and bigfoot staring right into cameras, even when being shot from far off.

Just my two cents. You can go back to your usual lives, now.



Frances Pauli said...

I love how you say "evidence." I can here the evidence shmesidence hehehhe.

We do find new species all the time, of course, though they are usually fairly small.

When I can turn off my science brain from time to time, I do like to fancy giant, submerged aliens and sneaky species of hominid wandering the Cascade mountains.

But I definitely have to turn off the science brain first. ;) Maybe they don't like how we look for them, is very close to maybe they're smart enough to hide their scat, bodies, and cover all evidence of their existence. Or, maybe god left the dinosaur bones there to test us. :D

But man I think the writing that could be done on cryptids from a fiction standpoint would rock.
Go out and write me that series babe. You know you want to!

I'll read it for sure. :D

Frances Pauli said...

"hear" not "here." It's early.