Monday, January 16, 2012

Glorious Spreadsheet, Hallowed be Thy Cells

Recently, I realized I was having a hell of a time keeping track of my submissions, and that can get dangerous--at that point, I wasn't entirely sure whether a story just sat there, or if it was just in a really long submission process. So, I made a spreadsheet (It's also proving helpful for Write 1 Sub 1.), and I discovered something.

Spreadsheets are bitchin'.

Rejections don't tend to upset me nearly as much as they did before the spreadsheet's glory came into my life (Wow, talk about religious fanaticism...). I have a theory about this, too. I think that, when you're just flailing with a rejection, it suddenly stands alone, the only piece in your mind. But, when you go in and look at the spreadsheet, and see all of those other stories aside from your recent reject, it all seems much less evil and nasty. That leads to faster turnaround on your part, which leads to more submissions, which leads (eventually) to more acceptances.

And really, who doesn't want that.


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Milo James Fowler said...

Amen! We must overwhelm the evil nastiness with a load of subs. I call it my shotgun method -- eventually, some of the stories will make it through.