Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evolution Volume 2! Yippee!

Well, what do you know? I've evolved.

Kind of. my story, 'The Drying,' is in the new release from Evolved Publishing. Yes, Evolution: Volume 2 releases today! Now is the time to squeal excitedly.

And just look at that cover? It just ribbits 'Buy me! Buy me!"

Table of Contents:
Sixteen Down by Brian Panowich
The Million Dollar Club by David Ballard
Tunnel Vision by Lane Diamond
The Drying by Voss Foster
The Living by Ranee Dillon
Walk Knock by Conda V. Douglas
Ursus Americanus by John Anthony Allen
Beneath the Skin by Ioana Visan
En Plein Air by Erin Ryan
Behind Family Lines by Stevie Mikayne

There are some great authors in here, and some great stories (and did I mention that beautiful cover yet?). I know you're just chomping at the bit to buy it: I'm here to help. You can go through Amazon, Smashwords, and BookieJar, with Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble editions coming soon.

If you want a taste of the book, both Smashwords and BookieJar offer the first 30% free. Cue celebratory balloons!

I'm going to go finish evolving, now. I'm hoping for poisonous skin, like a dart frog. Plus I'd look so pretty in that shade of blue.


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