Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local Authors Need Food Too

Look around you the next time you're in a local mega-super-store type place. That woman over there with the curling irons and seven kids? She might be an author. The man with the walking stick and the open bathrobe? He might be an author. The cashier that you so rudely chide for being slow? She might be an author. The man whose car you nearly crash into pulling out of the parking lot? He might very well be an author, too.

Do I think all of these people you encounter in the day are actually authors? No, I don't, but you never actually know. I am huge on supporting local artists, but especially local authors - it's a bit of a bias, but it's the truth. I know at least one person in the area I live in whose income source is her writing - I will continue to buy her books until one of us is dead.

My challenge for you - next time you go into your town's bookstore, big or small, locate the section for local authors. The big bookstores all have a section. If you find yourself in a smaller bookstore, ask the clerk if they have any local authors they could recommend. I'm not suggesting you'll find the next Harry Potter or Moby Dick (I'm not suggesting you won't, either), but you may well find a good read - if nothing else, when you buy books written by local authors you stimulate your town's economy - that can't be a bad thing on any level.

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