Monday, March 21, 2011

Reader Beware

I have a horrible, cruel truth for all of you writers - and it's best to hear it now.

Writing ruins reading.

It's alright - go eat some chocolate and get a foot massage and then come back and keep reading.

Are you ready? You have some chocolate on your face. No, right there. Okay, you got it. Now, as I said before - writing ruins reading. It's just how it is. I know it's terrible, but it really is true, no matter how much you want to argue with me. Go ahead and try it - pick up a book that was an enjoyable read before you got into writing on any serious level. Read a bit of it - I'm not going anywhere, so take your time...yes, you see now? Every choppy sentence, misplaced comma, and out of place word is a giant fish hook to pull you out of the ocean of your story.

Now, this may prompt you to give up on writing or reading - don't you dare. By reading now, not only can you see more clearly what actually works, but you can see something all but invisible - what doesn't work. Besides, all that in-read editing is good for your Inner Editor - if nothing else it makes him/her shut up a bit more while you write.

How does it help your reading? You will be infinitely more discerning in what you read now. Only the best and/or most interesting books are going to do anything for you now and you'll become a paragon of literary knowledge for your friends. They need a good book? Well, you just happen to have a suggestion now, don't you?

Now, I know this is a hellacious turn of events, but now you've ripped off that nasty band-aid, haven't you? No more pulling off the little hairs with every millimeter of adhesive you tear away - it's over with.

Happy reading...hopefully,

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