Demon Hunting and Tenth Dimensional Physics: March 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Update

Gee, thanks for the helpful title. Aren't you an author? Shouldn't you be better at this?

Most likely, but I don't like your attitude, voice in my head.

I've been meaning to get on this here blog of mine for a while and post wonderful things... but then, just like up above, the voices in my head got in the way, which means lots and lots of ideas in various stages of completion. Including some ideas for my blog (and The Other Me's blog).

So, a few weeks ago, I finished up the sequel to The Park. I'm aiming to have a release in that series every six months, so the next would be in July. Keep your eyes peeled for that little number: Evenstad Media Presents: The Mall.

I've also got some things potentially in the works for The King Jester Trilogy. The third book, A Fool's War, will come out later this year, which is always exciting.

I've also been working on a big new project for The Other Me, which I'm starting for Camp NaNoWriMo next month. It seems to be the year of me making really long series, because that one is set up to run indefinitely. Which was the point, I suppose. Doesn't mean I'm not slightly terrified of it. Only very slightly though.

Also on The Other Me front, I'm nearing publication for an urban fantasy novella through Storm Moon Press, but you'll have to bebop over to the appropriate blog for info on that.

I'm also, as always is the case, working on short stories for various things. I unfortunately couldn't pull anything together for Queers Destroy Sci-Fi, but I recommend picking up that issue of Lightspeed when it comes out. It's bound to be awesome. But I do plan on trying to get some things pulled together for other projects, so keep your eyes peeled for those awesome little tidbits.

I'm also thinking of delving into non-fiction, but I want to keep that mostly under wraps for the time being... just in case I change my mind about writing the book...

As for the blogs, I'm going to do my best to post regular content on here and on the other blog, like I did before. Not revealing what that is, either, but I think it'll be exciting.

But enough about me. What are your updates for me? Always happy to hear from y'all, when I get the chance.