Demon Hunting and Tenth Dimensional Physics: Immortal Whispers

Immortal Whispers

The Psychic
From the distant past, echoing across generations, come...


In Ireland, stories are never just stories. The Banshee cries for the dead, the fairy mounds drip with magic, and something dark stalks the woods, seeking another victim. The people speak of the great black beast in hushed whispers around the campfire, and only the foolish dare step foot into the forest.

For centuries, Madame Zerga has served as a psychic. The Oracle at Delphi, a seer for the French aristocracy. All she wants now is time to herself, and the house by the woods seems like the perfect place. When a young man comes to her door, troubled by a fearsome stalker, the impossible happens. Madame Zerga's second sight fails her.

Now, forced to fight blind against the beast, Madame Zerga not only has to fight for her survival, she has to fight her own fear. And she's not sure which is the worse enemy.

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