Friday, July 15, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo Update--Mid-Month

For those that don't know, I'm taking part in the inaugural run of Camp NaNoWriMo this month. What that means is that, yes, I'm writing another novel. Okay, technically you write a novella in NaNo events, but I digress.

Any who, for those that have never taken part in this fest of festiness, this won't mean much at first--for those that have:

It's the first day of Week Three.

Okay, I'm being arcane now. Let me cut to the chase.

Week two is the test of whether you can do this or not. Week two is HELL. Week two is that awkward transitional phase between exposition and real, solid plot, story, and character--and we all knwo how much transitions suck.

Now it's over, though, and it has a strange efect. Sometime soon, you see, the magical curse of week two is going to lift--just going to up and leave--any of the worthy that survived week two. The dog is going to suddenly become house-trained, the washer will magically fix, your mother-in-law will misplace your phone number, and that shipment of writing fairies will come in with extra thrown in to make up for late delivery.

All inall, things start to line up and you can write--even if you're way behind, you can get it written still. For me, it all came in yesterday--the final day of week two. I pulled 3,000 words that day and got totally caught up (and ahead) for the next day. And it just didn't seem that hard. I won't say I know my entire plot yet, but the most important thing is to be up on your words.

There's a sort of magic in the air with week three, and if my fellow campers aren't feeling it--you will.

Looking towards 25,000,

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