Monday, July 11, 2011


When you're writing, you'll end up finding yourself, at some point, in the midst of a storm of crippling. While that sounds like a D & D spell, it's not. It's that point when things start to pile on. You feel cut off fromt he world. You start over-analyzing things. You realize that no one is paying you money for your writing, that you live in the middle of a cultural wasteland, that your social life is dying becuase you need to write...but you aren't writing.

You eventually find things to do besides writing. It's not the same as really needing that break--which you sometimes do--it's just a matter of not wanting to. You feel like you've wasted all this time, so you hold a party, you get on and write a blog post, you take a little spray bottle of chemicals to combat the baby roaches encroaching on your home and watch them explode. Anythng but writing!

I don't have a solution for it. I wish I could give you some awesome secret about handling it so you can keep writing, but I can't because I don't know one. You have to find your own way. I blog about it, whine, complain, et cetera until I just have to write. Some people I know oil down hairless dogs and belly dance--probably other things to, but doesn't that just sound better?--or go out and kr@zioke (her word) while she dances with her gay guy. You just have to do something to get it going.

Hoping to push out the last little bit of nasty not writing-ness,

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