Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Note from Camp

Well, I figured I'd throw in an update while I'm still mercifully ahead on my word count (oh benevolent writing spirits, please curse me not for my gloating!).

Maybe I'm the only one that does this--though I doubt it--but I've flip-flopped every day this month on what I should be writing. Sure, I only actually changed once, but still. I figured I would do better to trust my gut--my gut, however, wanted me to write graphic sex.

I was afraid what people would think of me as an author if that got put out--would it ruin my my standing as a spec fic author? I thought about this, and then made my decision--I'm just making sure it's on record.

First, I said f*ck it--I'll write the damn erotica.

Second, I decided to submit it to a press that specializes in spe fic erotica. Sure, they're mostly fantasy, but they might try out soft sci-fi, right?

Third, I decided that, in the event that it doesn't sell to them, I'll put it out as a self-pub (yes, yes, turn away and abandon me for saying that heinous word.).

There--it's out in the open and on public record what I'll be doing, so I can't turn back...


Going back to the woods,

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