Monday, July 4, 2011

Your Voice

Okay, as I looked through my previous blog posts, I realized how many were either A: self-centric or B: instructional. While they have their place, I realize this may get annoying, so I apologize.

So I thought I'd try something out--I want to see what you have to say right now. I want you to yell and scream about whatever. Mostly, I want you to fill out a questionnaire for me (since I
LOVE questionnaires--they're one of my top favorite things.). I'll answer it along with you in green. You can reply in comments or any other secret squirrel way you can think of--I just want to see what you have to say, at least this one time.

1: What is your book--the one book that gets you off (literarily speaking) no matter how many times you reread it?

(The Cyberiad)

2: What is your character--the one that you just can't tear out of your head with the jaws of life?

(Loor from the Pendragon seies)

3: Who's your number one character crush...go on, you can say...the internet's anonymous, right?

(Vo Spader from the Pendragon series)

4: What's your favorite word, for whatever reason?


5: What's the first book that made you laugh out loud?

(Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging)

6: What's the first book you cried at?

(Bridge to Terabithis)

7: What's the book that brings up the most emotions, whatever emotions they might be?

(I'll Love You Forever)

Now, I don't really expect anyone to answer, but at least I TRIED to make this not self-centric, right?

Now I go back to the evils of writing...but it's fun evil...evil with little bunny ears...

Peace, love, and chicken grease,

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