Saturday, April 6, 2013

F - A Peek at the Future

Come, hop into my time machine. I figure I’ll give you a little sneak peak at just what’s in the future for your favorite author.

No…no, I meant me. Get away from Rowling’s time machine. Get. Away.

Thank you. Now, come along, file in, one ass per seat, one seat per ass. Buckled in? Ready to go? Barf bags…well, I don’t have any. The time machine cost enough money as it is.

So, on your left, you’ll see what looks a bit like sixteenth century China. Well, it’s not. That’s Tonjohou, the City of Puppets. I just finished that book, now it’s sitting. It’s the first in a planned YA trilogy. Political intrigue, a touch of magic, and some family drama. Plus, you know, dueling with marionettes instead of rapiers.

Now, just up ahead, you’ll see a regular, brick building. Nice windows. Lots of teenagers. Yep: a high school. This is probably a little hard to get a good look at, since it’s still in early planning stages. But, in theory, it’s going to be YA mysteries. Obviously dealing with magic of some kind, since that’s the way I do this kind of stuff. I’m excited about it…and we’ve passed it.

But we’re headed to the circus! A big, blood red and silver circus tent. Booths and trucks everywhere, too. Zirkua Fantastic. I can’t tell exactly when this is going to be coming around. I haven’t even taken a red pen to it, yet. But it’s another one that’s part of a planned trilogy. But the magic in this is a lot bolder, more ‘in-your-face’ than the puppet books.

And there, that glimmering thing off in the distance, is my latest baby. I just got done editing it: Rings of Treachery. An asteroid colony with streets and buildings carved of crystal where everyone wears a ring for identification. But you never see more than their eyes. Everything is covered by silk veils. All life is ruled by the ring. This one, with hope and luck, will be coming out sooner rather than later. But don’t hold me to that.

And…oh dear…malfunction with the chronoton streamer, I’m afraid. I’ll have just enough to get us back to our proper time before the engine implodes. No big deal. Just get out as quickly as possible.


Well, sorry about that. But most of us survived. Before I go to bed and recover from my injuries, I have a questions to any of the writers out there: what’s coming up in your future?


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