Thursday, April 25, 2013

V - Victims

War doesn’t exist without victims. A whole lot of victims. Victims you don’t even necessarily think of. We all know that soldiers are going to die. But how about the victims like the forest? Cutting down trees for supplies. Or the homes that get ransacked by soldiers that need some place to stay.

In war, nobody and nothing can go unaffected. If you’ve heard about a war, it’s going to affect you, Maybe not in any serious way, but that war is going to affect you. And so often, writers forget about that. The emotional, spiritual, financial implications of a war.

Just food for thought.


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Crystal Collier said...

War is evil. I used to imagine it glorious and fascinating, until I started writing. When dealing with the complicated emotions of those who took a life--the psychological/emotional repercussions, well, my whole attitude changed.