Monday, April 22, 2013

S - Series

Why is it that you’re so much more likely to find series in genre fiction? I’ve never really thought about this before, so bear with me.

I think it goes back. A ways back. Back when genre fiction came out with new stuff weekly, and when fans read anything with a spaceship or a sorcerer on the cover. Back then, there was just too much. So our obsession with the series came about, because we knew that we liked this book, that book, or the other book. So, when someone said ‘this is what comes after that book that you love,’ we listen. We go to it.

But that’s not all. The next book was reliable. If they hadn’t been reliable, I think we wouldn’t have the same jumble of trilogies, duologies, and endless armies (i.e. Dragonlance). But the next book worked. And then the one after that still worked for the fans.

And today, it’s still useful. People have ‘their authors.’ That’s who they read, because they know they can get quality from those authors. So, series, I think, are a natural extension of fandom. But there isn’t really mainstream fandom. I mean, how can you be a fan of something with nothing to bind it together other than being appealing to a lot of people. That’s why we get all the series and they get a lot of single books that get lost in anonymity.

That’s my theory, anyway.



Sandy Campbell said...

I guess I can say I am a fan of a lot of things, and authors are on my list of fandoms. Harry potter series comes to mind. I also don't really care what other people read, and don't follow the crowds!

Jessica Peterson said...

I think some series might spring from authors not willing to let go of their characters yet, feeling as though they have more of a story to tell.

Have fun with a-z.

Jagoda said...

With Sci-Fi and Fantasy or any speculative fiction where authors invent whole worlds,a series makes sense. Mystery and Suspense (my genre)is more varied--plenty of series and stand-alones. Both writers and readers want to stay with the main characters in those. My 2 cents.
Hope you're enjoying A to Z