Saturday, April 13, 2013

L - Last Meal: SF/F Edition

We’ve all heard the question. It’s one of those stupid conversation starters that are supposed to work but actually just make you sound like a complete antisocial nutcase reading from a book on how to interact with people. If you could have any six people, living or dead, for a dinner, who would they be? Personally, I always think of it as a last meal.

So! Last Meal: SF/F Edition! The six SF/F characters I’d want to eat dinner with. In no particular order, of course.

Dr. Beverly Crusher: The best doctor, hands down. No, don’t try and argue with me. She’s intelligent, kind, and…well, I just like her.

Vo Spader: Bubbling over with fun. Plus he could probably bring the sniggers. He was always one of my favorites from the Pendragon series.

Esme Cullen: Okay, so it might be slightly awkward to invite her to dinner. I guess she could have a nice bit of blood, just so she didn’t feel weird. But she’s another very kind-hearted, caring person. Shows you the kind of people I like to surround myself with, I guess.

Klapaucius: Why Klapaucius over Trurl? Because Trurl can be a real asshole a lot of the time. Klaupaucius is more the voice of reason in that pair. So of course I’m inviting him.

Molly Weasley: No, it’s not just so she can cook the dinner…although that’s a bonus. But she’s…well kind-hearted and caring. And kind of a badass, as we got to see in the end of the series.

Paolo-Isaura Scalese: One of my favorite characters from The Black Opera. She’s a bit indignant, a bit snarky (or a lot). And she can play good piano and brilliant violin. I can handle that. Plus the crossdressing doesn’t bother me.

So, who would your six be?


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JPlovesCOTTON said...

Have to admit I'm not familiar with the genre so I don't know the characters but I love the idea! May have to do one that goes with my theme!

Hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge as much as I am! It is a great way to both tell some of our tales and find other great blogs. You can find me at