Friday, April 19, 2013

Q - Quark's...and a Question

When I went to RadCon his year, I had a memorable experience…or fifty. But we’re only here to talk about one: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Drinks. It was a late-night panel on the first day. Now the description was pretty vague, but everyone thought they were going to give us drink recipes. That’s the only explanation I can come to for why, when I showed up, it was standing room only.

Here’s the memorable part. In walks the one lone panelist. He gets up to the front and says, ‘I have a Ph.D.’ And half the room stood up and walked out. But I stayed. It was fascinating. He talked about how wines and brandies and ales were made, and then applied that to blood wine and dwarven ale. It made me happy.

And it reignited my passion to write about liquor. So, here comes the question part: what liquors do you feel are under-represented in fiction? Who knows—it could make it into a future project.


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Frances Pauli said...

Gin! But my answer is always gin...
The panel ruled, truly, but It wouldn't have been any worse if he'd passed out samples. eh?